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How It All Started

I always enjoyed cooking and hosting for people since a young girl at the age of 13. When the 2020 Pandemic hit and hosting or cooking for guest was not allowed, we started a business plan that originally started of as made to order to go boxes that we would just drop off to people. But the orders continue to come. The reviews were amazing!! I thought of it as a little extra to help my family during tough times but also making people happy. It wasn't until October 2021 that the vision came together and we established Daisy's Empanadas and More, LLC. Now we look forward to working towards owning our own food truck!!! Hope to have you all along for the adventure plus great food is a bonus!!


Daisy's Empanadas and More, LLC's main focus is to give back & support the community in every aspect. We believe that in every celebration food is usually the center of it all. So our goal is to share that homemade authentic Puerto Rican flavor packed with fresh ingredients in a savory crispy pastry all the while participating in the events and celebrations all around the community as well as outside.

Two Chefs
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